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Our community is on a mission to grow The Free Family Tree — one accurate, shared tree that connects us all, and is accessible to us all for free, forever.


WikiTree is 100% Free

All the genealogy on WikiTree has been contributed by members like you.

It doesn't cost money to contribute to WikiTree, and it doesn't cost money to access what you and others have contributed.

  1. All the tools are free. All the benefits of membership, every feature and tool, is available to all members who sign the Honor Code. There are no "premium" memberships.
  2. All the content is free. Although some content is privacy-restricted and some content may be copyrighted by members, such as family photos, nobody pays to access anything on WikiTree. Ever. We also encourage open source developers to make use of the tree in other free applications and projects.

The costs of operation are covered by modest ads on public pages.

The WikiTree Pledge: Always Free

As the creators and hosts of the WikiTree website, we pledge that our mission is the same as that of the community: to create an accurate, single family tree that will make genealogy free and accessible for everyone.

Free is an essential part of our shared mission. We will never charge for access to the single family tree. And we will never knowingly and willingly sell or transfer the single family tree to any individual or organization that intends to charge for access to it.

More about the Organization

  • See About WikiTree for more on the organization behind WikiTree.
  • The WikiTree Team page has bios and contact information.
  • The WikiTree FAQ has questions and answers about whether WikiTree is non-profit, whether the tree is public domain, and whether our software is open source.
  • See Protecting Our Shared Tree for details on the extraordinary steps we take to ensure that our shared genealogy will never be lost.

More about the Community

Our collaborative community of genealogists is what makes WikiTree special.

For legal details see the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Acceptable Use Policy.

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