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Welcome to the Notables Project
The goal of our project is to add notable figures from world history to our global family tree.


How To Join

Are you interested in the Notables Project?notables.gif

Note: The Google Group is only used for Project Leaders to pass information back and forth and is not for necessary for other members.

Take part in this month's Notables thread in the G2G forum.

Additionally: Read below to see what special guidelines come along with being a member of the project.


The goals of this project are:

  1. Identify "famous" and "notable" people who should have a profile. If you'd like ideas for who to add, you might see WikiTree's "Today in History", Wikipedia's "Today in History" event lists. You can find these at<Month>_<Day>, e.g. <> or through lists such as Academy Award nominees and winners or Nobel Prize winners.
  2. Add those people to WikiTree.
    • Add the Notables Project Box or the Notables Sticker to the biography {{Notables}} or {{Notables Sticker}}.
      1. The Notables Project Box should only be used for profiles that are not Open Privacy. This would include profiles for living notables as well as deceased notables who have some controversial information that is at risk of being changed and need additional protections.
      2. In most cases, all deceased notable profiles should use the Notables Sticker.
    • After initial creation, edit the profile to set certainty of each relevant field.
    • Living Notables should have privacy level set to Unlisted, and their deceased family should be set to Open. This is extremely important for GDPR privacy compliance. Likewise, all deceased Notables and their family should be set to Open. It is important that everyone is able to contribute to profiles of this kind.
      1. Note that since the Privacy rules on living Notables have been updated to allow for many profiles to be set to something other than Unlisted, it is even more critical that the project account (below) is added as co-manager of these profiles. Leaders are now able to open the privacy on certain living Notables that fit the criteria outlined in the new rules, so once the profile privacy is set initially to Unlisted, the Leader can go in, add PPP to the profile, and make the profile privacy set to Private with Public Biography and Family Tree (or Yellow privacy). These changes will be done at the discretion of the project leader based on the rules at the time of the change.
    • Add as Profile Manager if the profile privacy is not Open. This does not mean you need to delete yourself as Manager, but you can.
      1. Click the Privacy tab on the notable profile.
      2. In the Add to Trusted List section, enter and press ADD THIS PERSON.
      3. In the Trusted List section, select the link for to "Add as Manager."
      4. The Notables project should not manage profiles that should belong to any other project. Military figures, Presidential relations, historical Migration figures, can all belong to those projects. Coordinate with the other project, and add the other project email as a Manager In the Trusted List section.
    • If the person has a Wikipedia entry:
      • Add "See also:" under the Sources section, and then add "* Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:Person_Name|Person Name]]" on a new line, replacing "Person_Name" with whatever is in the URL for their entry on Wikipedia after the last slash. (In other words, if the Wikipedia URL is, then that line should read "* Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:Elizabeth_II|Elizabeth II]]".)
      • Click on the "Wikidata item" link in the left-hand menu of their Wikipedia entry, and note the number you see on the top line in medium-sized grey type that begins with "Q". Add "* {{Wikidata|Q1234567|enwiki}}" on a new line, replacing "Q1234567" with the number you have noted. (For example, Queen Elizabeth's Wikidata number is "Q9682".)
      • Scroll down the Wikidata page, and check to see if there is a WikiTree ID entry, under Identifiers. If not, click on the "+ add statement" link at the bottom of the Identifiers section; type "WikiTree ID" into the property box (it should bring up a match after you type the first few letters), enter that person's WikiTree ID into the next box, and click on "publish". (For example, Queen Elizabeth's WikiTree ID is "Windsor-1".)
  3. Properly categorize each person by their accomplishments and also by dates of significance.
  4. Write a biography focused on genealogically relevant information (parents, birth/marriage/death date/location, spouse/children), with a very brief overview of major accomplishments (to support categorization) and links to detailed online information about their accomplishments.
  5. Add sources (birth, marriage, and death records, census entries, etc.) to support the biographical information in the biography.
  6. Add a photograph (image) of the Notable, from some publicly available source such as Wikimedia Commons or Wikipedia.
  7. Add all of the members of that person's family for whom you can find dates and sources to WikiTree, in order to connect them to the main tree. For more information on connecting people to the main tree and how to do it, see the Connectors Project page. For lists of unconnected notables, see the Unconnected Profiles list.

Don't worry if how to do any of the above isn't totally clear. It will become clearer when you get started, and you can ask for help on anything in G2G.

Qualifications for Profiles

We use Wikipedia's standards for notability. Note, though, that many notable people do not yet have a page on Wikipedia. Feel free to ask Project Leaders about whether someone meets the guidelines, or read through them yourself and use your best judgment. Many, many important people are not on WikiTree yet!

Lists of Notables on WikiTree

If you are looking for the profile for a notable person on WikiTree, or you have created (or want to create) a profile for a notable person, or you want to help improve the profile for a notable person, please consult the Notables List page. It also has sub-pages for specific sub-groups of notable people:

Sub-Projects, Free-Space Projects, and Related Projects


Sub-Project Ideas

Eponym & Namesakes: If there was a way to cross-reference namesakes to their eponyms, then the number of namesakes (and possibly their distribution of birthdates/places) could actually quantify a person's historic and regional notability.

County Eponyms (just an idea so far, from Elizabeth Winter), or should it be "US County Eponyms"? - people who have had counties named after them. Certainly some profiles already exist (Washington, Franklin, Jefferson are obvious examples) which would then need the tag added, and a note as to which states have counties named after them. Others will need profiles created and connected.


None of these sites count as primary sources, and should all be listed under "See also:" on the profile of anybody who has an entry in any of them.

  • Wikipedia: Having a Wikipedia entry automatically qualifies somebody as being Notable, although lacking a Wikipedia entry does not automatically mean that they are not notable, as they may still be listed in some other resource. In particular, Wikimedia Commons is a good source for public domain photos of notables.
  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography: One place to look for information on Canadian Notables.
  • Dictionary of National Biography: Having an entry in the Dictionary of National Biography also qualifies somebody as being Notable.
  • Internet Movie Database (IMDB): Provides brief biographies for nearly anybody who ever worked in film or television, both in front of and behind the camera.
  • A Naval Biographical Dictionary: Published in 1849, it includes every living officer in the Royal Navy from Lieutenant to Admiral of the Fleet at the time of compilation.
  • an ongoing project to list and connect everybody in the British Peerage.

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