Question of the Week: What's the largest family you've found in your tree?

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500px-Question_of_the_Week-8.pngWhat is the largest family group you've found in your genealogy research? Tell us about them with an answer below! You could also answer on Facebook or share the question image on your social media to get your family and friends talking.

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This is a photo of my second great grandfather Seth Marvin I. He was the father of twelve children with his first wife. After her death, he fathered four more with his second wife, so he fathered 16 children. 

His son, who was my great grandfather Seth Marvin II followed in his footsteps. He had four children with his first wife. Then after her death, he had twelve more with his second wife, so he also had 16 biological children. He also raised 4 stepchildren, so he raised 20 children. 

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The biggest family I've found is my Great-great-great aunt, Kate Ellen (Blenkin) Jibson. The 1911 census records that she had given birth to 22 live-born children (I've only found 18 of them so far). All the ones I've found have been singletons (no multiple births).

As the youngest I've found was born in 1901 (ten years before that census) when Kate was about 42, it's unlikely (but not impossible) that she had more.

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I don't have to go too far back. My grandmother was one of 14 kids, but only 7 lived past the age of 3. Two sets of twins (one pair of twins born prematurely, but lived several months). They were born on the farm in rural North and South Dakota, early 1900's. Those that survived childhood lived to average age of 87!

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My top three are: 

1. My 2nd great-grandmother's brother Paolo and his 17 kids.

2. My 2nd great-grandparents Antoine Legault and Lucie Cadran with their 13 kids.

3. My 4th great-grandparents Jean Baptiste Ross and Adelle Cyr and their 13 kids.

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I don't have to go very far back. My maternal Grandfather was 1 of 12. my Wife's family is bigger though. She is the youngest of 16.
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My husband's great great grandfather Billy Knight. He and Susanna had 7 children. After Susanna died, he married another Susanna who was a widow with 7 children, and they had 7 more children - 21. According to family history Billy was known to have told Susanna "my children and your children are fighting with our children"

Also Simon Reed and his wife Currance Sanford who  who had 16 children and were siblings of my great great grandparents Lucy Reed and Albion Sanford. Lots of double first cousins. And if 16 weren't enough, they adopted another daughter.

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Largest family I can accurately document is that of  G Grandmother Elizabeth (McIntosh) Purdy, who was the second of 10 children, all of whom survived to adulthood.

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21 and in direct line. So my great great grandmother bore 21 children. Mary Ann Cavanagh (you would have guessed wouldn't you?) was born in India and was pregnant at the age of 15 when she married. Her lifestyle took its toll and it is said she ended up in an asylum having taken to drink. Poor Mary Ann. I wish I'd met her.
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