Question of the Week: What ancestral location would you most like to visit?

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imageAre there any places where your ancestors lived that you would really like to visit?

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in The Tree House by Eowyn Walker G2G Astronaut (2.0m points)
I would love to visit the Scilly Isles, namely Bryher Island, just off the coast of Cornwall UK.  I have discovered that my great grandfather, John Ellis Jenkins was born there.
I have been dreaming of The Isle of Coll (Scotland) for many years now.  If I had the money, I'd go tomorrow!  At 75, I ain't getting any younger!  My Ancestors have proven hard to trace further back than 1740ish when a Land Dispute caused important paperwork to be sent to Court in Edinburgh, never to be seen again.  I'm the third generation trying to attack this brick wall, and exploring the island might just be beneficial.
I’d love to visit England and Scotland where my paternal ancestors came from. Mainly Edinburgh,Huntingdonshire and different parts of London.
I would love to visit the two small towns by the name of Oosterhout, one found in the province of Noord-Brabant and the other in the province of Gelderland, both in the Netherlands. The second is actually a small village within the area of Betuwe which lies within the city limits of Nijmegen.

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I would like to be able to visit with my Lovelace family in England. I would like to know about their lives and their ancestors. They sent me a doll when I was a child, but I have lost my connection to them.
by Alexis Nelson G2G6 Pilot (652k points)
Any connection in your family line with Lord Byron?  :-)
Leigh Anne, thank you for your good comment. I found he is a 6th cousin 5 times removed, but I am looking for a direct Lovelace relationship to Richard Lovelace Esquire :-)
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I really want to visit Matilda Township in Ontario, Canada for my mom's side since they helped to develop the area following the Revolutionary War where they fought as Loyalists.  For my dad's side, I want so much to visit England to see where our Quaker ancestors story began.
by Chris Miller G2G6 Mach 2 (28.2k points)
It's a lovely area with amazing history and scenery and while you are visiting you could also visit

My husband has UEL and other ancestors in nearby Brockville.
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I would like to visit Wellington. Shropshire, England in the 1650s.

I know today's town well, it would have been very different when my 9 x GGF lived there.
by M Ross G2G6 Pilot (432k points)
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I would like to visit some of the old cemeteries around Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
by Tommy Buch G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Tommy, I want to go with you to Lancaster, Pennsylvania!
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I'd book a 6 hour flight out of Logan International and head to San Pietro a Maida, Italy with a stopover in Gesualdo, Italy. I have family in San Pietro and I'd love to see them.
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (588k points)
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The Währing, or 18th, District in Vienna in whose church my grandfather was baptized.

by George Fulton G2G6 Pilot (507k points)
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I would love to visit any of the towns around the Black Forest, since it seems that most of the towns in and around held my ancestors at one time. Also, strangely, I used to have an obsession with the Black Forest as a child, not knowing that i had a connection with it all along.
by Brittany Williams G2G Crew (980 points)
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Pie in the sky would be Kilkenny, Ireland where my G Grandmother and family were born.  I've got some records, but I'd wager there are more in the parish churches that are not available online.  

Realistically, I could probably get to St. John, New Brunswick, Canada to hunt for more info on mom's father's family.  They arrived circa 1824 from Ireland.

by Dorothy O'Hare G2G6 Mach 7 (72.8k points)
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The roman anphitheatre in the town of Saintes, 

Amphithéâtre Gallo-Romain - Guide Charente Maritime

During the reign of the Emperor Augustus, Saintes (Mediolanum Santonum) became the capital of the Roman province of Aquitania, which stretched (from the Loire ...

Amphitheatre of Saintes - Monument in Saintes

by Roger Fontaine G2G Crew (910 points)
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I have only a tiny drop of Coptic blood, but I'd have to choose Egypt. The DNA shows it, but I haven't reached it tracing back in my tree yet. It's probably via the Sicilian blood - probably via Badala-5 and Aleo-14 which sound a bit more Arab to me than Italian.
by Tiah Balcer G2G6 (6.5k points)
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I fancy a visit to Achnacarry in the Scottish Highlands, home to the Clan Cameron museum and Achnacarry Castle, the residence of the head of the Clan. My paternal grandmother was a Cameron, and I dream of establishing a genealogical link to the heads of the Clan or to other illustrious Camerons.

by Richard Hill G2G6 Mach 5 (56.1k points)
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Well with any luck this year, we are heading to Southern England in June.
by Michael Stills G2G6 Pilot (475k points)
I hope luck is headed your way, Michael, and that your wishes come true.
That's a trip I'd love to take!
We booked our flights last night!  My 60th birthday will be celebrated in England.  My 50th was in Ireland.
Great moments….  Enjoy, Michael!  Have the time of your life.
Great, Michael! I hope you have a wonderful time. You'll have to tell us all about it when you get back.
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Broom's Bloom, MA. I read my cousins operate a dairy and restaurant on property that has been in the family since the early 1700's. If I could convince them that I am a descendant of our common 7th ggrandma (and not some lunatic) maybe I could see what's left of the original estate and get a couple answers to my puzzle. Maybe a photo of me on grandpa's front porch. I understand it to be on the historic register. Maybe check out a couple cemeteries along the way. That's a long way to go for a milk shake and photo.
by K Smith G2G6 Mach 5 (54.5k points)
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On my father's side, Van Buren County, Iowa, where my father's family was for several generations before coming to Oklahoma.

On my mother's side, my grandfather's residence at Oberzycko outside Posen.
by Roger Stong G2G6 Pilot (729k points)
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County Donegal about 1650.
by RL McAdoo G2G6 Mach 2 (24.3k points)
I’d like to get to Donegal as well.  Thinking I’d find more about myUlster Scot heritage
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Since my current DNA ethnicity at Ancestry is primarily composed of English and Scottish populations, I would like to visit both nations. I don't have a specific ancestor from either country, but I would have fun exploring the countryside, their museums, castles (although pretty sure my folks didn't live in castles), and other points of interest.

I would also like to take a guided tour of my dad's European WWII service (Normandy, Battle of Bulge, Liberating Paris, plus other places I can't remember, but I do have a complete list).
by Margaret Meredith G2G6 Mach 4 (46.3k points)
edited by Margaret Meredith
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I want to to visit Scotland and Ireland. I want to see if my scotts-Irish DNA feels at home over there across the pond.
by Pam Fraley G2G6 Pilot (123k points)
I'm with you on this one, Pam!
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The south pole of Mars?

Actually, Wales would be a nice trip. (Morgan surname)
by Luther Brown G2G6 Pilot (309k points)
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I have wanted to visit Connecticut for some time, since I had many ancestors there. I would like to see the James Cornish house in Simsbury and the area in Ashford where Joseph Whiton settled.

My cousins are interested in our ancestor John Scranton, who settled in Guilford. We plan to meet in July, and two of my cousins are staying at the Scranton Seahorse Inn, which was the home of Serano Scranton.

I also plan to research Jeremiah Rood, who lived near Lebanon.
by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (486k points)
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I have exactly one ancestral country - Germany.  Already been there on a genealogy themed trip.  To celebrate the 500th anniversary of Columbus's first contact with Americans on Oct 12, 1992 I was doing the reverse, at the church where my 3rd-great Grandfather was sexton and school teacher in Kritzkow, Mecklenburg, in newly liberated East Germany.

All my ancestors arrived from Germany and settled in Wisconsin between 1952 and 1910, and I've put together a map of the diverse locations in Germany.  As a dedicated long-distance hiker, I would love to do a circuit hike to touch all those bases plus the ports of Bremen and Hamburg from where they all departed.  It would be a walk of about 1700km!  Big country.
by Peter Wetzel G2G6 (6.5k points)

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