2023 WikiTree Challenge 2: The week has started to help connect 7x7 for the Society of Australian Genealogists

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Hello WikiTreers!

The week has started for WikiTree Challenge #2 in our Year of Community Connections. For each challenge, we are partnering with another group in the worldwide genealogy community. Together we then research seven degrees of connections for seven starting people chosen by our partner.

This week, our partner is the Society of Australian Genealogists. The Society was formed in 1932 and is the oldest family history society in Australia.

Our week began on Thursday, January 19, at noon EST (5pm UTC; 4am Friday 20th AEDT Sydney Australia time) and will end January 26, at noon EST (4am Friday 27th AEDT Sydney Australia time). You don't need any particular skills to participate, so everyone is welcome to join us. If you do happen to have experience with Australian records, then we absolutely need your help on this one.

Let's show our friends at the Society of Australian Genealogists what genealogy collaboration can accomplish!

If you are not registered you can still join in the fun! See the tracking sheet for active participants

Note:  Australian start and finish times are for Sydney AEDT and need to be adjusted for other Australian states and territories operating in different time zones.

in The Tree House by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (911k points)
edited by Veronica Williams

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James Bourn was an Irish rebel, who arrived per Hercules on the 26th of June 1802. He was the emancipist guide who, in May 1813, guided Blaxland, Wentworth, and Lawson across the Blue Mountains.

Connection Bounty:

Brick Wall AncestorJames Bourn (abt.1774-1852) Ireland & Australia

by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (911k points)
edited ago by Mindy Silva
I have connected James to his wife and his daughter, who already had profiles. I have requested a merge with a previous profile for James, which has a different spelling and1763 rather than 1778 for approximate year of birth, so didn't come up.
I've completed that merge Anthea. Thank you for working on that!
Many thanks
It doesn't look like the existing profiles were connected to the global tree, so this person still needs a new connection.
I don't understand. Does that mean we should just leave 2 profiles? Or shall I just link our profile to his wife?

Sorry Anthea. You should always link profiles if you can prove a relationship. I was talking about the connection bounty. I count the first time someone works on these lines and connects them to the global tree.
Oh sorry. I wasn't claiming a bounty. I thought this was just a place for general comments.
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Oliver Peters Heggie, billed as O. P. Heggie, was an Australian film and theatre actor best known for portraying the hermit who befriends the Monster in the film Bride of Frankenstein (1935).

Connection Bounty: Claimed and verified on this line!!

Brick Wall AncestorJürgen August Breden (abt.1750-) Germany

by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (911k points)
edited ago by Mindy Silva
Found my first connection to a wikitree ID already written  Phelan-1572 connects to Phelan-1571who is wife of Heggie-240 who is brother of Oliver
You are awesome Sue! Nice work!
Oops - I jut realised I'm supposed to post here when I make links. I added Clark-79149 as wife of Heggie-241 (brother of O.P.) to link as her parents already connected to the global tree. Sue and I have created their children. I'm proceeding to add her siblings. I think they count for the challenge.
Thanks Scott. The bounty has been claimed on this line though, so you don't need to worry about posting here about it. But I do love that you made another connection!

I am not sure but I think I should post here - about any ancestors of Oliver that I add? 

I might need help to figure that out... laugh

actually, I think I have not added ancestors only in-laws etc...

I guess I am claiming the Brick Wall Ancestor Bounty on this line. Jürgen August Breden's father was Hans Hinrich Brede and his mother was Margaretha Petersen. They were named on his baptism and burial records.



I also found his wife's parents in the same way, just for funzies.

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Jessie May Hill researched convicted women in Australia. Her research, known as "Jess's Girls," is held in the Society of Australian Genealogists Archive Collection.

Connection Bounty: Bounty verified on this line.

Brick Wall AncestorCharles Hughes (abt.1797-1848) England & Australia

by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (911k points)
edited ago by Mindy Silva
It appears that Jessie is now connected to the Global Tree. I AM NOT CLAMING CREDIT.  Not sure, but I am not seeing relationship levels to my profile on Jessie's parents, uncles el.al.
Thanks Craig. It looks like it was Lukas Murphy.
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Adelaide Eliza Ironside was the first Australian woman painter and the first Australian artist to study abroad. At the age of twenty-four that she went to Rome; and there she painted such subjects as “The Marriage in Cana of Gallilee,” shown at the London Exhibition of 1862.

Connection Bounty: Claimed and verified on this line!!

Brick Wall AncestorJames Walker (abt.1750-abt.1810) Scotland Solved!!!

by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (911k points)
edited ago by Mindy Silva

I've connected up Adelaide Ironside. I linked Sidney Yarnton-6 (already connected) to his parents Hubert Charles Yarnton and Ellen Wales 

Nice, Gillian! Thanks!
I added the parents of James walker
Thanks Liz!
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Herbert John Rumsey was the founder and first president of the Society of Australian Genealogists (1932-1943).

Connection Bounty: Claimed and verified on this line!!

Brick Wall AncestorJohn Downes (1760-1843) England

by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (911k points)
edited ago by Mindy Silva
I connected https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Parmenter-1314 to her parents already existing on WikiTree. Alice is at 3 degrees from Herbert Rumsey
Wow, that was fast Gillian. Nice work!
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Mei Quong Tart was an entrepreneur, philanthropist and tea merchant. He migrated to Australia at the age of nine. Quong Tart went on to make his fortune on the goldfields.

Connection Bounty: Claimed and verified on this line!!

Brick Wall Ancestor瑞暇 梅 (Moi Seoi Haa) (abt.1800-) China

by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (911k points)
edited ago by Mindy Silva
Connection bounty: I connected https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Fairclough-646 to parents already on wikitree
You guys are rocking this Kaitlyn! Congratulations on the connection!!
Not really sure if it is bounty material but I have connected a former counciller of SAG, Errol James Lea-Scarlett  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Scarlett-953 to Quong Tart. Since Lea-Scarlett wrote about Quong Tart the connection is not a surprise.
Thanks for that Anne. Interesting connection!
Connection: [[Cable 1565|William Henry Cable]] to his father [[Cable-1546|William Henry Cable]]
That's great Anne! I suspected there was a connection but didn't know the specifics.
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Dora May (Tiedemann) Wicks was born in West Maitland, New South Wales. Her father was born in Prussia, her mother in New South Wales. Dora’s maternal grandmother, Margaret, was a full blooded Indigenous Australian. Her maternal grandfather was of English descent.

Connection Bounty: Claimed and verified on this line!!

Brick Wall AncestorSarah (Adams) Weymouth (1700-1749) England

by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (911k points)
edited ago by Mindy Silva

I've connected Alfred Augustus Roberts to his wife Alice Margaret Budden, who already had a profile created on WikiTree. Does this qualify for the connection bounty?

Yes, great connection Carol! I wonder why he took his mother's surname later.
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Hi Mindy, I am interested to join this challenge - I am experienced with some forms of Australian records and the timing is good (particularly as I will unfortunately be missing the Connect-A-Thon)!

Given the 7x7 format with seven starting people, this is an opportunity for the Society of Australian Genealogists (do they call themselves SAG?) to make nominations from each state and one from one of the territories - I do hope they take this approach.

I look forward to collaborating with everyone,

by Clare Spring G2G6 Mach 5 (51.0k points)
That is great, Clare! We appreciate all help with the challenges. I'm not sure if they abbreviate it as SAG or not, I'll have to ask.
Yes - we do go by the name of SAG!
Snap! I thought there would be an acronyms. Anyway, looking forward to it,
+19 votes
Sign me up!
by Tommy Buch G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
You've got it Tommy!
+17 votes
I would like to participate please.
by Rosalie Neve G2G6 Pilot (137k points)
Thanks you, Rosalie!
+16 votes
All go for Australia challenge
by Darren Kellett G2G6 Pilot (212k points)
Thanks Darren, you got it!
+15 votes
Yes please. I'm in.
by Elle Joackim G2G6 (8.6k points)
Thanks Elle! You are in!
+15 votes
I would like to join the challenge
by Anne Young G2G6 Mach 6 (62.0k points)
Thanks Anne, you are in!
+13 votes
Count me in!
by Veronica Williams G2G6 Pilot (161k points)
Thanks Veronica!
+15 votes
I think if I calculate it correctly noon EST is actually 4am in Sydney, Australia (AEST), with Perth 1am!!  So we'll all have to get up early if we want to hit the ground running.

Can we put the Australia times in the main post please!
by Veronica Williams G2G6 Pilot (161k points)
Yes, I've added that Veronica. The start time is indeed at 4am in Sydney (facepalm). That is an early start for you all!
Thanks Mindy - yes, we will see who the dedicated ones are, up at that hour!  It certainly won't be me!!!
You might be surprised to know that depending on the time of year Australia can have up to 7 time zones depending who you count!  4am is AEST which is mostly the eastern states.
Ahh, ok. I used Sydney for Australia
Sorry to be pedantic, but can the please make it really clear about the starting time for this. If we are going to take 4am (Sydney/NSW) then that is AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time).  This time of the year AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) only applies to Queensland (Brisbane) and 12 noon in New York is not 4am AEST.  As you have mentioned Veronica, other states will have to work out their own starting time (South Australia where I'm from will be 3.30am)

Also can we make sure people all realise that because Australia is a long way ahead of USA time wise, this is 4am Friday 20 January.
So sorry if I got it wrong - never been good at the time thing!

I don't think we can change the start time which is noon EST, so what time is that in various places in Australia?

John - can you perhaps itemise QLD, NSW/ACT, VIC/TAS, NT, SA and WA times?

Hi John. The start time for the WikiTree Challenge is always Noon EST, which is currently 5pm UTC. Those are the two times we supply. I do recommend worldtimebuddy.com to make sure what that translates to in your own time zone. laugh
The only thing that Veronica and I are working on changing is the first kick-off, so that it is a better time for those of you in Australia. 

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I should also say that many of our '7 in 7' nominated profiles have ancestry from a range of places around the world, including England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and even China, plus some we don't even know about yet!  So there's something for everyone!
by Veronica Williams G2G6 Pilot (161k points)
edited by Veronica Williams
I have researched someone who was born in China and moved to Australia. Her second husband was born in New York.
+16 votes
Count me in and looking forward to my first challenge. A proud member of SAG too.
by Andrew Redfern G2G1 (1.5k points)
Thanks Andrew - you will have a great time. I suggest that you try to join us for one of the zoom conferences next Thursday if you can.
Thanks Cheryl. How do I find the details of the Zoom conferences? #newbie here
Andrew, you will receive an email from the Captain giving you the information for both Zoom conferences.  Good luck!

Have fun - it is great to have you with us!
+14 votes
I want to join in!


Now Anthea Gupta
by Anthea Gupta G2G1 (1.0k points)

Great Anthea! Thanks!! I hope you can join us in Discord for live chat.

Am a bit overwhelmed by information at this point..... where is the Discord area???? I have the App (AntheaFG #4535) but I I have hardly even used it and don't know how to find a group.
Hi Anthea. If you follow the link for Discord (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Discord#How_to_get_started) it will tell you how to join the WikiTree server. You can use the Discord chat you have, but you will want to see our server for the challenge chat. Message me if you still have problems getting in!
+13 votes
I’m excited about participating in this challenge!
by Gillian Thomas G2G6 Pilot (196k points)
So am I Gillian. Happy to see you joining us!
+13 votes
I'd like to try and help!
by Kathy Evans G2G6 Mach 3 (32.2k points)
Every little bit helps, Kathy! Thanks for joining us.

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